Hi, I am Orsi

Let's create an awesome experience together

Belive ir or not, I've heard it all before: I'm not photogenic, I'm too old, I'm too fat, I'm ... (insert your favourite negative self talk adjective in here) In fact, that's the exact reason why I chose to get behind the camera because I felt the same way. I totally get you!

During my photographic journey I've discovered various posing and lighting techniques to flatter anyBODY. Since then I'm a lot braver and instead of duck and dive, I just strike a pose and smile when a camera is pointing at me. What if I could do the same for you? What if I can change the way you think about getting your pictures taken? How would you like to become a supermodel for the day? How would you like to be photographed?

I'd love to get to know you and listen to your story. Let's grab your favourite drink and have a chat about your dream photo shoot.

My Philosophy

AnyBODY can look like a model on a cover of a magazine

There's no such thing of being photogenic. It's my job to make you feel at ease, put you in the most flattering light and pose you in a way that accentuates your assets and hides your imperfections.